Terraverde Hotels

In the Amazonas – Peru, land of one of the New Seven Wonders of the World; The Amazon River; are located 3 properties leader in its categories that for more than 40 years are contributing to the Peruvian Tourism. These three properties had been in charge to provide authentic experiences in the Amazonas to more than 15,000 travelers per year.

Now, these three properties become part of a new brand; Terraverde Hotels, trought will be permanently working to enhance the quality of its services, ensuring that each visitor has a memorable experience.

Victoria Regia Hotel & Suites is your better choice in Iquitos City if you have leisure or business plans. Very well located, confortable and full-equipped rooms, delectable food and meeting rooms combined with a high-standard service make your stay completely grateful. With the same spirit of service and a nice location, just a few blocks from the main square of Iquitos, Acosta Hotel turns to a great option at the right price. Heliconia Amazon River Lodge offers singular experiences into a protected natural area in the Amazonas,with different suggested excursions included, such as; pink dolphin’s observation, native community visit, nature walks and more. In addition, Heliconia Amazon River Lodge have prepared specialized programs such as; Bird watching, Fishing, Mystique (Ayahuasca sessions) and some other educational tours that let you appreciate the Amazonas in a different point of view.

Big changes, same commitment!