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In the Amazonas – Peru, land of one of the New Seven Wonders of the World: The Amazon River; are located 3 properties leader in its categories that for more than 40 years are contributing to the Peruvian Tourism. These three properties had been in charge to provide authentic experiences in the Amazonas to more than 15,000 travelers per year.
Loreto - Perú
Gateway to the Amazon River Natural Wonder of the world 14/07/2020
The destination
How is the weather in Iquitos?
Unlike the Northern Hemisphere with its summer and winter, or subtropical zones with wet and dry seasons, Amazon rainforest weather has a high-water season and a low-water season. 09/07/2020
The destination
Let´s help Nuevo Paraiso
Nuevo Paraíso is a community of only 120 people located on Yanamono Island () (see map) downstream of the Amazon River whose main source of income is the sale of jungle products 09/07/2020
Social responsibility and environment
Taricaya Turtle repopulation program
Life is reborn in the Peruvian Amazon with the release of more than 6 thousand taricayas during the First Festival of Freshwater Turtles 09/07/2020
Social responsibility and environment