Suggested Clothing
Light cotton clothes, pants and long sleeve shirts. Hiking boots or walking tennis shoes resistant to humidity; cotton socks. Bathing suit. A light water proof parka jacket or raincoat.

lease consult your doctor at least a month before entering the Amazon Basin. No cases of yellow fever or malaria have ever been reported in our properties. The most common ailments for travelers are diarrhea and fatigue. Take necessary precautions with local exotic food and alcoholic beverages. Eating and drinking in moderation is always the best safety measure to avoid discomfort and unnecessary hassle while traveling.

Weather along the Amazon River is differed into two seasons: a High Water season from December through May and a Low Water season that lasts from June until November. Conditions in this region in Peru remain generally warm with some rainfall even during Low Water season. In fact, despite being the “rainy” season, during the High Water months, the Amazon only gets about 10% more rain than in the low water season.

Currency and Foreign Exchange
The official currency is the Nuevo Sol (PEN) divided into 100 céntimos. In our properties major credit card payments are accepted. There are no facilities to exchange Travelers’ cheques thus travelers are advised to have cash (in Soles) on hand as foreign currency exchange is limited. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Money Exchange Stores are mostly available in Iquitos.
Communication and Telephone
There is full telephones and cellular phone coverage In Iquitos. Also, there is internet connection (Wi –Fi) and access to computers is available at the Business Center of our properties.